Welcome to Logic for Software Development

What is this site about?
Helping software developers build high quality software that can be more easily
maintained and reused by using logic to:
  • Communicate more effectively about software specifications, designs, and execution,
  • Reduce, detect, and remove software errors,
  • Simplify software,
  • Verify correctness of programs, and
  • Understand software development literature that presumes knowledge of logic.
How can I learn more? Here are some suggestions.
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  • Read my new book, Elementary Logic for Software Development,
    ISBN: 978-1-84800-081-0, Springer-Verlag London, 2008.
    More About the Book

  • Find a college or university that teaches (or can be persuaded to teach)
    a course on logic for software development then take the course.

  • Persuade your organization to have me give some short courses on logic
    for software development for them, then take those courses.
    More About the Courses
What are your qualifications? Many years experience designing, writing, and maintaining business software, teaching
logic, teaching software development, creating and delivering short professional
development courses, and writing a book on logic for software development.
How can I contact you?

Questions and suggestions should reach me at rel@logicforsoftwaredevelopment.com.

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